Trinidad Heats The Island Up With A New Docu-Drama: Glambition

Have you heard of Glambition? If not, you need to take a seat, grab a few girlfriends (along with some great wine and snacks) and enjoy this welcoming new fresh Caribbean reality show. This show follows five young and gorgeous women living in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago, chasing their dreams and aspirations and getting to the next level of success.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a special viewing with the creator behind the show, and I must say, it left me wanting more.

I enjoyed how I could relate to these real women with solid careers or who were looking to restart life on a different avenue of professional choices that resonate with who they are. During a few of the episodes, you get to witness life in Trinidad, the struggles and triumphs these women go through, while trying to remain a lady at all times.

I can’t spill all of the tea on who’s got the glam and ambition, but I can introduce you to the creator of the show, Ms. Kara Barnett.

Ms. Kara Barnett took a little time with me to answer a few questions for Arta Chic.

KaraBarnett_Portrait artach

AC: How did you come up with the concept Glambition?

Kara Barnett: Glambition is a docu-reality series set around 5 driven young women in the Caribbean. It is produced by 25Eight Productions which I co-founded in 2011 along with Jeanine Barnett. I had the idea a long time ago before we actually decided to shoot it. Years of casting, producing and developing for various docu-reality projects for networks such as MTV, BET, TLC, Oxygen, OWN, CBS, VH1 etc. allowed me to really hone my intuitions on what works in creating compelling stories and characters. I would go home to Trinidad on vacation throughout these years, I saw elements of great story, so I started to piece together the idea, but the biggest shift came when we were meeting with various potential cast and we noticed that most of them were young female entrepreneurs, whether part-time or full-time. The common denominator in all our conversations was the importance of owning and launching a brand of their own as opposed to just working for someone else’s dream. The priority of being ambitious, and successful ranked high on the list along with navigating the social waters of what can be a very exclusive island network. We considered that combination a compelling anchor to the story– watching these young go-getters make it happen and Glambition just grew from there. When we found the Lori, Sarah Jane, Leah, Bianca and Isoke, we knew we had the right synergy.

AC: What makes your show different from any other reality show?

Kara Barnett: Very rarely is doc-reality done in the Caribbean so while the culture is internationally renowned for our natural resources, warm spirit, amazing destinations and relaxed lifestyle, among other things— in order to get a peek into the day-to-day and real interaction of people on the island is still a fairly new concept. We also have the great opportunity to showcase the island beyond just what the average tourist would see if they came for a week of Carnival. This is a peek at how it feels to live, work, party, hustle etc within an environment that is often marginalized for its party culture. While we serve “destination television”, it’s from the insider perspective of people who grow up within this cultural atmosphere.

AC: What was the most exciting thing that has happen to you while filming Glambition?

Kara Barnett: Every day filming a reality show is a roller coaster of logistics and cast emotions so each day was an exciting new adventure, however, if I had to pick one thing that was especially interesting it would be the day of Lori’s fashion show when something happened to her clothes right before she was scheduled to be on the runway. I won’t say too much for those who have yet to see the episodes on but most times, if something major that could affect the trajectory of the story is about to happen, I get a heads up from my producers. That one blindsided us all, so it was interesting to not fully be in control and aware of Lori’s next move and just sit back and literally just have the cameras follow her, no matter what. This cast is great at being true to who they are and clearly showing genuine emotion without production having to jump in and pull strings, so any time I can loosen the grip and trust the cast to tell the full story on their own, I love it.

AC: What do you expect for the next upcoming season of Glambition?

Kara Barnett: We are in production talks for Season 2 of Glambition. The feedback has been positive and we have had sponsors inquire about being more involved so we are extremely excited to have gained some buzz and have people focus on the girls and their growing brands. One goal I have as a producer is to be able to show more of what they do as business women, hopefully show more of their personal dynamic ie the friends and family that make them who they are so we can get a full picture of their characters. You might even see some new faces in the cast! I’m all about keeping the show fresh and surprising and I already have some things planned for the future, both for Glambition specifically, and for 25Eight Productions as a brand— so keep an eye on us and stay tuned!

Glambition-Cast arta

The Cast

Bianca: Two time ANTM contestant and current working model.

Leah: Former Miss Barbados World

Sarah-Jane:  Former contestant for Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Lori: Mastermind behind the Hak Gwai fashion label

Isoke:  Taking over her father’s ice cream business