It’s A Guy Thing—No Not Really

Hot Clothing Pieces Women Can Purchase From The Mens Department

563054_3908468669564_1067680003_nBy Inga Grimmett

One of the sexiest things found on a woman is her man’s button down shirt, the next morning, mixed with her tussled hair and the scent of his cologne.  In fact, there are quite a few pieces in a man’s wardrobe that would appear just as nice on his woman, if not and at times, sexier. Depending on the disposition of the situation, one might also conclude that the following round up of items, are actually hot clothing pieces women can purchase from the men’s department at any given time, without secretly snagging it from his closet, on your way out the door.


The Collared Button Down Shirt

ingamenThe number one staple in any man or woman’s wardrobe is the, Collared Button-Down. Rather you prefer a French or button cuff, box or side pleats, or single, double or no pockets at all, this single item staple will always, at one point come in handy and be that one bare required or desired necessity for the moment. By the way, that collared-button down can always substitute brilliantly as a shirt-dress, adding flavor and sex appeal to your style.


The Blazeringamen2

“Blaze the trails” as though some may say and set your style free. The “Blazer”, like a pair of sexy strappy skinny-heeled stilettos, can often make your outfit into a statement piece. Adding this customizable item to a pair of ripped jeans and a tank, a sexy tee, or button down shirt as mentioned prior and even accompanied with a pair of stilettos will, like Kelis, have all the boys in your yard.


The Suitingamen44

With any great tailor, one man’s state of confusion is another woman’s gold mine. Rather you are investing in a $200 dollar slim two-piece or a $2000 dollar three-piece suit created from the softest cashmere known to man-kind, if you don’t know your measurements and don’t pay attention to the details of your selection, then you’ll look just like the next guy…literally. But before you connect with a tailor in your city and offer him yet another prized possession, the most important aspects to remember are when you first pick out your suit. “Details, details, details”…are the words often heard but sometimes seldom used. Following the golden rule of knowing your correct size, pay attention to the lapels. Nothing does more to dictate a suit’s character than the lapel. Don’t forget the back of the jacket as well. It also plays an integral role in the suit’s character. Remember to keep it clean and simple. For funky purposes, try pairing your customized suit with your man’s tank and a large, vibrant chunky necklace accompanied with a pair of stilettos to lengthen your look and add a stoic posture to your confidant afternoon strut down the sidewalk.


What’s a “shared” closet without these notable mentions?

  • His old college T-Shirt or V-Neck Hanes Tee
  • His Jeans