Jeans From Top To Bottom

Rock Denim… Favorite Style Pick

996654_10201876715910812_1408218304_n -­By Wyneisha Williams

There’s a point in time when you have major plans, you don’t know what to wear, but you have to think fast as your appearance is a must. So, you go for the wisest choice, a faithful pair of jeans. Why not? You can dress them up or down. They’re appropriate for most occasions and depending on the event, you’ll select a shoe that’s business appropriate, casual, sexy, or fun. Either way, you’re guaranteed to fit right in.

Jeans are that one choice that we can turn to when all else fails. They’ve been around since the beginning of fashion time. It’s an item that will never retire or go out of style. In fact, denim may be the new black. Yes, in the same fashion that we wear black from top to bottom, denim also makes its mark when worn as a complete ensemble. Not for the purpose of looking slimmer but for a moment to stand out.

The next time you reach for your favorite jeans, also grab a denim top to pair with it. I dare you to rock this look and dress it up. Pairing jeans with a sexy, button down, tank, or tee earns a normal reaction, but all out denim is CHIC. This look is my latest “favorite style pick”.

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