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Rita Ora Tells Us What She Can’t Live Without

Rita Ora is the hottest new artist on Roc Nation’s record label now. Not only is she searing on the music scene but she’s keeping it steaming in hair and makeup. Sophisticate’s Hair Magazine reached out to do an exclusive interview with her on how she keeps her beauty so well put together. Here are 5 hot beauty questions that every fan wants to know.

1. Tell us about your hair.  It’s blond with big Old Hollywood curls. Right now my haircut is mid-length missy and natural, but it’s quite a polished style.

2. What’s your favorite hairstyle?  Down and curly. It makes me feel sexy and free! To style it, I just brush it through and use a curling iron on the unruly bits.

3. Which haircare items can’t you leave home without? Hairspray, a curling iron and heat protectant products.

4. When do you feel most beautiful?  When I’m tanned and glowing and rocking a red lip. It fixes everything!

5. What’s your beauty routine like? I always use hairspray, bronzer and red lipstick. I wash my face with a simple face wash and use a good facial cream.

Source Sophisticate’s Hair 

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