Lose 5 Pounds Quick And Easy

There’s a point when you need to get those extra 5 pounds off for that special day or just to feel a little bit lighter.Try these four quick simple steps by Ali Sweeney host of the mega hit show Biggest Loser who knows that being skinny ain’t always easy!

Tip one: “Stop eating earlier in the evening, like 7:30 p.m.” After that, steer clear of the fridge.

Tip two: “Work out a little bit longer”. Just 15 extra minutes each day can make a difference.

Tip three: Carry healthy snacks, like cantaloupe and almonds. “It’s harmless in terms of your calorie count for the day.” says Ali, “but it keep you felling full, so you’re not craving junk or feeling like you’re depriving yourself.”

Tip four: Drink a ton of water. “It will really flush through your system and take out some of the sodium.”

Source: RedBook