Work It Girl: Managing Color

Did your grandmother ever tell you, “Young ladies should be seen and not

heard”? Well, she was right! Let your clothes do all of the talking.


When you walk into a room don’t say word. Let your work speak for itself. You’re

a Fashion Pick Executive. Color expresses your personality, level of

confidence and how far you’re willing to go.

Go all the way! Rock solid bold colors or mix and match. The louder the

color, the better. Speak up Ladies! Red and pink are always appropriate. It

answers, “That’s right, I’m hot”. Blues and greens are fun. These two

colors set a positive tone and will reveal to others that you’re

approachable. We all know that purple demands respect as it symbolizes

royalty. Yellow is charming and warms up any cold room. Add in a pop of

orange for the day and convince those around you how flexible you can


You’re wondering if it’s okay to be all of these things in the work place?

Affirmative! Orderly colors such as black, white, gray and tan can become

boring if worn all of the time. Of course, you’re the boss; but who wants to

hear about it everyday? You’re so much more and boring is not assertive.

Color is evident and if allowed will open the door to any valuable


We grow up learning that less is more, when in fact, More is More

Fun! Color your slacks, skirts, belts, blouses, sweaters, blazers, dresses

and shoes. More color ups your style Ladies! In the same fashion that you

push the envelope to be recognized for your hard work, including color in

your style will warn all that you’re fearless and experienced in fashion


– Wyneisha Williams