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Only Women With Curves Need To Apply

Take this valuable advice from celebrity stylist Gaelle Paul who is the “Queen of Curves” for styling curvaceous women like Adele. Here she shares a few styling tips for the curvaceous women. 


1. Show off your assets and flaunt your best part: waist, butt, arms, legs, boobs…

2. Find the narrowest point on your torso and accentuate it.

3. It can be more flattering to show curves off than hide them under something baggy.

4. If you’re pear shaped, a full skirt with an accentuated waist works wonders.

5. If your petite, wear strapless dresses or jumpsuits, and skirts above the knee- this will elongate your legs.

6. If your wide shouldered, you might want to wear a single breasted jacket or coat(double-breasted are better on women with smaller bust), or a sloped shoulder.

7. If your thicker-set on top but have a great pair of pins, try a darker, simple top and have fun with a pair of bright or patterned jeans.

8. Opaque tights make you look thinner.

9. Invest in a pair of Spanx.

10. High heel elongate your legs, so if you’re naturally tall, a low-to-mid heel gives the illusion of height.

11. Go with what you feel most comfortable in. How good you look depends on how confident you feel. And don’t believe what you think you see in the mirror… you probably look 10 times better.

12. Stick to shapes that suit you, but have fun! Okay, some styles might work on you, but don’t dwell on it; move on and experiment with those you look great in.

Source: Cosmo Fashion

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