New Spring/Summer Shoes By Alejandra G.

It’s about that time to start restocking up on spring/summer shoes, but before you do check out this shoe collection by designer Alejandra G. The designer has a slew of unique colored patterns with tassels and textures for the heart of the sole. We love the cut of shoes! Can you see yourself adding this to your summer collection?

Alejandra-G-Murcia-Black-Sandals Alejandra-G-Murcia-Blue-Sandals Alejandra-G-murcia-sandals Alejandra-G-Racquel-Black-Wedge-Sandals Alejandra-G-Racquel-Floral-Wedge Alejandra-G-Wanda-Black-and-White-Print-Pumps Alejandra-G-Wanda-Black-Leather-Pumps Alejandra-G-Gijon-Purple-Sandals