Put This On Your Bucket List: Beach Escapes

Wouldn’t you just love to sit on an exotic island drinking a mai tai, taking a walk on fresh white sand and taking a dip in fresh crystal clean waters? Well you should look into visiting at least one of these beautiful beaches  as soon as the weather and time permits. If you don’t then this list, is surely not for you. Go back and continue to hibernate! 

FRENCH POLYNESIA. Tetiaroa. Just 30 miles northeast of Tahiti lies the Brando Resort. Charter a sailboat to explore the three-mile-wide lagoon.


PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES. Pangulasian Island. An hour’s flight from Manila, the tiny piviate island of Pangulasian is home to the newest and most luxurious entry respected El Nido Resorts. Here you’ll be floating with the turtles and parrot fish above the a pristine coral reef. 05-el-nido-resorts-activities-relax-at-our-beach-clubs

NICARAGUA. Little Corn Island. Located 56 miles off Nicaragua’s coast. The island is easily walkable or bikeable by trail, making it a breeze to get to snorkeling beaches such as Cocal.rem02

PUERTO ESCONDIDO, MEXICO. Playa Carrizalillo. A quiet cove accesible via a 150-step stairway, has waters gentle enough for us; take a dip, snorkel, then down systems from one of the handful of beach shacks. CARRIZALILLObeach

Source: Travel Leisure