Jennifer Hudson Fine & Fearless

Jennifer Hudson has the voice, poise, confidence, and most importantly the faith that her mother taught her. Jennifer breaks it down inside Essence January 2014 issue on how she maintains it all. “I know who I am, and I got this.” -Jennifer Hudson


“I spent my twenties figuring out what I wanted to do, and trying everything, But by 30, my foundation was set. I became confident and clear about the path I wanted to take. And I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.”


“It used to make me angry when people tried to talk to me about what happened, I’m like, Who are you to even ask me about something so painful? But over the last five years I’ve seen how sharing my story can bring healing.”

nino-muncc83oz_jennifer-hudson-3nnn“The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was a faith in Christ. That’s my stability. My other foundation is family—that’s what Mom taught me to rely on. Everything she said is still with me. It’s like she’s still here. I feel her presence all the time.”


“When I’m ready to be married, I will be married. It’s that simple. Everyone should just chill.”