What Men Want For Christmas

I thought it would be great to ask a few male friends close to me and random guys what they thought would be an appropriate gift to give a gentleman for Christmas.  Once my interviews were completed I got several men who request gadgets, grooming supplies and gear. So with this information I gathered up what I thought would be appropriate for the holidays for that special man in your life!

1. KAPPA Pisco. A Chilean brandy made from muscat grapes. This is perfect for that “college guy” or “the graduate”. It screams Manhood all around it!


2. A Shaving Kit. A must for the well-groomed guy! 200893-p1

3. Timberland Boots. An all time favorite!  pTBL1-7887907enh-z6

4. Cologne.  men-s-colognes-2013-1069325-flash You can’t go wrong with this!

5. Apple products. index_itunes_giftcards-1 Absolutely perfect for the techie guy in your life!