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Hello December

December is a special month like any month of the year but this is a month that will bring families and friends together that puts joy in everyone’s heart. We have put together a list of things that mean so much for many of us during this time of the year.

1. Holiday wine sales. Christmas Holiday Party

2. The smell of fresh pine. 14403

3. Planning holiday parties.christmas-dinner-1

4. Festival of lights. Chickasaw_Fest_of_Lights_1

5. The sweet sounds of jazz and classic christmas music.Christmas-music

6.Drinking and enjoying the aroma of fresh holiday flavored coffee.eb2d3b1f69d54e73b76355bf0c75de48

7. People are more cheerful. Filled with glee.Michelle-Obama-Hosts-Military-Families-Christmas

8. Enjoying the shopping experience of great deals.holiday-shopping

9. Listening to the crackling sounds wood burning in the fireplace.christmas-fireplace

10. Celebrating Christmas and bringing in the new year. Christmas-parties-in-Platina-Cellar

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