Tamar Braxton Keep It 100

Tamar Braxton gets real and explains her truth on family, being a mother and loving her fans inside Flaunt Magazine. 

tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao1_1280-1“I’m not a liar” 

tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao2_1280“I’m always myself.”

tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao3_1280 “Well, I’m not having any kids in the future.”tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao4_1280-1 tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao5_1280 “I was just one hundred percent raw and I found that wasn’t the best thing for me because I really do love my family, and I would say things thinking I was helping, and I was hurting their feelings. I can watch myself and learn from my mistakes.”tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao6_1280-1 “I don’t like to call them fans; I like to call them my Tamartian friends because I’ve never really had friends before.”tumblr_mwmfiwYQnX1t2grrao7_1280

Source: Flaunt Magazine