Michelle Obama Likes To Do What For Christmas?!

Christmas all about sharing the love and being with the ones that you love. Take it from FLOTUS. She knows exactly what it means when this time of the year rolls around.

“Christmas is about spending time with family and gathering with friends.” Michelle Obama


“Christmas has always been a special time in my household. Growing up, we lived in a little-bitty apartment, but my mom put her heart and soul into decorating that house.” 

FLOTUS+Michelle+Obama+para+LHJ+Dec+2013+4+www.afrolistasandthecity.blogspot.com“One of my favorite holiday dishes is a simple and delicious white-bread crumb stuffing with oysters and spicy sausage. My mom got the recipe from my grandmother-my father’s mother. Iv’e made it before, but it always tastes better when Mom makes it.” 

tumblr_mwo8y0JTBL1qd1yv1o2_500-1“The big Christmas tree arrives by horse-drawn carriage the day after Thanksgiving. The girls and I greet with Bo. And this year we’ll see how our new puppy, Sunny, responds to the horse!” 

How The First Lady Gives Back: Every year the White House supports Toys For Tots, a foundation started by members of the Marine Corps Reserve that gathers presents for kids in need. “We collect hundreds and hundreds of toys. It’s something the staff here gets inspired by,” says Mrs. Obama. “I try to remind people to purchase for a broad age group-people love to buy the little things kids toys, but there are also teenagers to think about.  Teens love electronic learning games and you can never go wrong with giving them clothes.”

There you have it! Mrs. FLOTUS has shared us her favorite holiday moments and what she loves about Christmas.

Source: Ladies Home Journal