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Stay Focused: A Sight For Sore Eyes

What word describes you… studious, poised, edgy, sexy, established? Say it all with your eyes. Still look amazing with a fashionable eye frame that will upgrade your look and sharpen your appearance any day of the year. Eyewear is a must for some, yet hot and trendy for all. A look that won’t simmer down anytime soon defines versatility. Why show off the same look day after day? Be open to bold, frames, that is. Depending on the shape and length of your face, go big or maybe go chic. The color black never grows old try pairing different colors with your eyes, clothes, or even your mood. Eyewear is no longer for the sightless; it’s for the fashion visionaries.

– Wyneisha Williams

eva-mendes-rocks-the-sexy-secretary-look-in-vogue-glasses-photo-by-mario-testinoar1Resized Optical ti_008leomie-anderson-e1361216881404

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