The Beyonce Diet

Get yourself bodied with Beyoncé’s new diet regimen for the holidays into the new year. We can not deny that Beyoncé has the perfect hour-glass figure packaged just right and under control. We all have bodies with different shapes that tend to fluctuate at some time. It doesn’t hurt to kick it up a notch to maintain that awesome figure. So for all the ladies that want to try something new, take these few tips from Queen Bee!

1. Start with a cleanse. The Master Cleanse is the most common detox that people resort to when in need of a quick fix. In the result of doing so, Beyoncé dropped 20lbs in two weeks for movie “Dream Girls.”

2. Solid Food. Once you have completed the cleanse (for as long as you can up to 14 days) you will resort back to real food. Beyoncé has a special meal called the post pregnancy diet that consist of egg whites for breakfast, turkey slices with capers for lunch, cucumbers with vinegar and lemon for snacks and for dinner, sushi.

3. Have a cheat day. Beyoncé loves to eats and always allow herself to have a cheat day. A cheat day will allow you to satisfy your cravings and continue to stick with your diet during the week.

There you go! You’re on your way to feeling like a Real Queen Bee.Beyonce-SHAPE-4

Source: ABC News