TLC Crazy Sexy Cool

Crazy Sexy Cool was phenomenal! The story brought back so many memories on how challenging and unique it was to make it in the music business. TLC set the tone for many girl groups to follow during the 90s era like Nuttin Nice and Total.

T-Boz, Chilli and Left-Eye possessed something notable that every round the way girl wanted to have.  The story line and the cast was excellent. I believe the chosen trio for the roles of TLC was a great choice. Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer, and Lil Mama really followed up on their homework, studying every move, mocking every gesture, swag, attitude, and sex appeal that girls portrayed. But most importantly… Lil Mama brought the flavor and attitude of Left Eye that was well served. It was nice to relive that era and see those crazy sexy cool days that can never be replaced.