What Do You Love About You?

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We should learn to appreciate our body and all its beautiful features. There is something special and unique about ourselves that we absolutely should love. Instead of defeating yourself how about uplifting the beautiful quirky things about you? Here I have put together a collage of beautiful inspirational women who appreciate that one special thing about them.


Monroe Steele, 27, New York, NY“I’m always switching up my style, but my pillowy lips are my best accessory.”

kelis10An excerpt from the book Naked


Sylvia_Fowles_espn_2011bww_03bSLYVIA FOWLES: A professional basketball player with the Chicago Sky.“Kids used to call me Slim Jim and Green Giant and Shaq. I’d get upset and want to fight. But in the 8th grade, I found basketball and finally felt at home. I was growing into my body, so my brothers introduced me to weight training. You’ll think I’m cocky, but I’m totally infatuated with my legs now. They are just big, healthy and toned. And I’m kinda bionic.” – Sylvia Fowles.  As told to ESPN the magazine.

natasha-hastings-espn-magaine-body-issueNATASHA HASTINGS:  An American sprint athlete of Jamaican and Trinidadian descent.“But I also have my nickname, 400 Diva, which came from an interview I did as a freshman at South Carolina when I said, ‘The girls on our team just look like divas. ‘I can still be a girly girl and an athlete. I put on eyelashes and a full face of makeup before a meet. That’s just me. That’s my personality. My college coach used to say, ‘If you look good, you’ll feel good, and if you feel good, you’ll perform well, ‘I totally agree.”Natasha Hastings. As told to ESPN the magazine.

Leroux-body-issueSYDNEY LEROUX.  A Canadian-born American professional soccer player. “I like that I have scars. I have scars all over my legs. I don’t ever try to hide them; they remind me of how hard I play. I like that I look tough. It’s something to celebrate, and it’s my job.”– Sydney Leroux