Food Triggers and Cravings: The Not So Fab Five

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that my food cravings tend to get ridiculously out of control whenever my eating or workout routine becomes a little off-centered. Life gets busy and sometimes I get lazy. Ever have that all too familiar conversation with yourself where you’re rationalizing eating another red velvet cupcake and just a few more plantain chips because you’ve been to the gym all week? Well, one Zumba class and a few extra sit ups if you’re gonna be a stickler.

Even when you have a plan in place, it’s easy to get off track with so many distractions and temptations. Here are a few common ones that you may not have noticed that can hamper your routine.

1. TV Food, food and more food. It’s everywhere. Between all the seemingly endless commercials and cooking shows there is no escaping this visually delectable hell that is in a 24/7 rotation. When will it ever end? Your sweating brow wonders. Suddenly you’re craving a Carolina burger with all the fixins’ followed by three scoops of cilantro lime sorbet. Please refrain from licking the TV screen and change the channel.

2. Skipping Meals Now that’s plain foolish. We’ve all heard how important eating breakfast is yet we run out the door, headlong into the day with not so much as a cup of tea. By midmorning you’re fishing for that last bit of loose change at the bottom of your bag in hopes of financing your third trip to the vending machine. Stop shaking the machine and walk across the street to Whole Foods and snag a tasty meal and a few healthy snacks for later.

3. Family and Roommates Nothing like coming in from the gym(for real this time) to a house filled with fast food or processed food smells. You attempt to shake it off by heading to the kitchen to make a Green Machine but Domino’s still beckons. Quick, hit the floor. Do a set of pushups to distract you from the smell. Now kindly proceed.

4. Social Networking  Food pics rolling through your news feed every five seconds? Oh look, someone just posted another before and after weight loss story.  That’s what the world needs. And your best friend just tweeted about yet another great restaurant find. Too much? Yep. Feel as though you can’t get anything done because you’re too invested in other peoples dreams and goals? Then stop. Turn it all off. Phone, laptop, desktop, hell, anything with a top. Give your eyes and mind a much needed break. Now go sign up for that Tough Mudder race you’ve been bragging about for months but have yet to start training.

5. Friends and Coworkers How many of us have them? We all do. Ever notice how the same folk who compliment you on your weight loss and newfound eating habits still ask you to go out drinking at least every other night? Peer pressure can be a mutha. At any age. Don’t give in to the lull of Happy Hour. It is a well known fact that alcohol increases the appetite while decreasing the body’s hydration. No bueno. So skip Margarita Madness and Taco Tuesday and carry your happy ass to the gym instead.