Who’s Your Favorite R & B Diva L.A.?

So far so good, is the show R & B Divas L.A. It’s looking like a peaceful party with all the sistas getting together to celebrate each others victories, triumphs and careers. But I feel something is brewing and about to pop off. Not sure when it will happen but all this love kind of worries me. You know a tv show has to have its drama and disagreements at some point. But will it be a peaceful step up from the R&B divas of Atlanta?

I’m having a tough time showing favoritism in this set up.  I have always been a fan of Dawn Robinson. So in my eyes I love her and she’s my girl! Spicy, fierce, fashionable and can sing her ass off! Claudette is starting to draw me in with her beauty and storyline of having to be a mom while dealing with her kids father. Also the girl can blow. Never knew she had pipes like that until this show.

Kelly Price is the leader of the group and is also my girl. I remember bumping her cd on repeat on my drive to New York from North Carolina. Lil Mo’, she’s been in the game for a minute and has always been true to herself with her style and voice. Michel’le is the pioneer. And Chante’ Moore?  She can blow to the highest heights like Mariah.  So I can’t decide on who is really my favorite? I know it’s too early to tell but who do you love and will be your favorite R&B diva? RB-Divas-LA