Is It Too Late For Our Microwave Society?

“Where’s everybody going?” says Bette Midler’s character in The Rose. I’d like to know too. It bothers me that we as a society always seem to be in a hurry. Where the hell is everybody going? Is there some great concert on a magical hill being headlined by some of the greatest now gone? Am I the only person who isn’t a ticket bearer? Perhaps.

Human ant trail aside,  I’ve noticed my own quickened pace as of late. Never in the direction of the herd. But quick feet nonetheless. Moving and thinking with the intention of accomplishing whatever’s on that day’s list. I’m lucky if I can remember to even look at the list. Note to self, “Look at list #499”.  My lists have lists.

Ever feel that way? Like you have so much on your plate there’s no more room to pile on another thing. Yet we still try because, well, everybody’s doing it. We’ve convinced ourselves as a society that it is normal to move at top technological speeds in hopes of matching the very same devices that seem to control our lives. It is not unusual to see cell phones during meal times. I just finished eating a salad with my tablet balanced on my knee.

We are running at a lightening speed pace. The younger generation even faster. Scary. Humanity is slipping away. Along with our lives. Instead of stopping to smell the roses we’re ordering a dozen online, texting the person sitting right next to us all the while posting to Instagram.

Face it, we want what we want when we want it. That’s not good. It’s just the way it is. But it doesn’t have to be. Just remember the next you see a rose stop and smell it.