Who’s Really Setting The Hair Trends?


If it weren’t for celebrities there wouldn’t be any trends. They are given a higher standard (in my opinion) when it comes to marketing, especially with hair. Hair is fashion. Hair is artistry. It’s your crown, your signature, and  lets the world know who and where you are in life.  But it still fascinates me how some celebrities can get more credit than others.

Who’s really responsible for setting a trend? Could it be the ones with the most popularity? Does it start with the strange, weird ones who just won’t conform to what the world says? Or maybe it’s the self-assured ones who are just in the fast lane, ahead of their  time?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Kelis fan. Since day one, Kaleidoscope.  Her style is  eccentric, eclectic, and stylish. I feel she has always been a trend setter, slightly underrated and also ahead of her time.  I remember when I was first introduced to her through her first video “Caught Out There”. I was drawn to her beautiful look, big hair and edgy style.

The different bright shades of primary colored hair was a bold move. But people thought she was crazy and odd. She was the first to wear big curly fro’d out wild hair. People didn’t understand it. They saw it as untamed. She brought back the 80s cut: shaved sides, the mohawk, with art designs carved out into her hair. People were shocked but got on board a few years later. Oh, and the new trending color of grey hair? Kelis, did that almost two years ago.

It also amazes me how people react to what is happening now. All because it’s safe. Everyone is doing it. I have always admired people who were not afraid to try something different. To me that says confidence. It gives me a platform to showcase my work. If we didn’t have these bold personalities with all their self-assurance I wouldn’t have a place in the hair trending spotlight. So for individuals like Kelis, I thank them. It helps me and others in my field to step up our game, be inspired by fashion, styles, colors and geometric shapes.

To me, those are the ones who start and set a trend by wearing it with confidence and inspiring others to make the shift to something new. Whether it’s months or years from now, I can go back and say “I remember when I did that style on                  before”.