Kid Cudi Wants You To Know He’s “Unfuckwittable”

Kid Cudi, who’s signed under his own record label Wicked Awesome Records, is featured in Flaunt magazine being interviewed by Maxwell Willams. Cudi talks about his depression, the drugs, new music,  an exciting career in acting and how he’s staying positive for his little girl Vada. 


“I’m still gonna keep it funky, but at the same time, I’m more conscious about how I do it.”


“I have an eclectic ear. I’m just feeling really lucky to be able to get the combination of features that I had,” he says, “and how the album flows so well with so many different artists and still works. I’m just really happy.”


“The acting thing for me is just new and exciting.”


“But I can’t say that acid didn’t fucking fine-tune the shit,” he says about the Indicud track “Unfuckwittable,” the smoke spiraling from his lips, “’cause I’m telling you, dude, after I dropped acid that session, bro, I’ve been on fire.”


“I’ve always been out there trying new shit. When motherfuckers don’t hear me talking about wanting to kill myself or me being a sad little kid no more, they’re like, ‘Aw, damn.’ “I fucking got my shit together and grew.”


Source: Flaunt Magazine    Click here for the whole interview

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