The Beverly Hills Hotel Puts A Spin On Old Hollywood

The iconic “The Beverly Hills Hotel” is known to attract famous actors and actresses who patronize and party at this luxurious location. The hotel has refreshed the poolside area by upgrading the cabanas, installing a pizza oven at the Cabana Cafe and adding solid pink lounge chairs. No actual changes have been made to the pool itself, keeping that classic look and feel from before while preserving its history.

If you decide to play here and soak up some summer sun bring your ‘A’ game along with your Jimmy Choos, Manolos, Fendi shades and your sexiest Vix swimwear. You might just get discovered. 17D0518 17D070617D062517D066617D0690 2012-01-09-WomanbythePool_AnthonyFriedkin_BeverlyHillsHotel1975