For the love of FOOD / Staying Healthy

Cafe Gratitude

7588767136_8a29e7d51f Recently dropped in Cafe Gratitude to snag a vegan bite or two.Needless to say I was impressed. Not only was the decor simple yet elegant, the vibe was cool. From the hostess at the door to my very laid back server everybody seemed to be on chill mode. Which is always groovy but rarely one’s restaurant experience. 07_2012_CAFE_GRATITUDE_VENICE-28 When you first walk in you’ll notice the makeshift library of books beckoning you to clean eating or considering a cleanse. Told myself  I would check out the titles on my way out. Was so hungry and excited that I’d found the place  I couldn’t wait to be seated. Talk about anxious. Cleanse-Web-Brochure Once seated I took advantage of the very tall bottle of delicious water that seemed unlimited in supply. My first bottle had peace inscribed on it. Later I would down half of a love one. I took this as a good sign.

My server Lauren, model thin with a face meant only for magazine covers, was hella cool. After explaining it was my first time she made a few suggestions and sauntered away as if time had stopped for good. A refreshing change from the usual intrusive and hollow performances given by waitstaff everywhere.

Mucho Bowl

Mucho Bowl

After looking over the menu twice I decided on the Mucho Bowl. A Mexican bowl with black beans, corn,  pico de gallo, guacamole and your choice of quinoa or brown rice(I had both) scooped over romaine and topped with pepitas and cashew nacho cheese. It was good and filling and didn’t leave me with that all too familiar Chipotle bloat. But next time I will order it without the pepitas and cashew cheese. Not sure if the pepitas were just added to give the dish more texture because they’re certainly not needed. Also not a fan of cheese alternatives.



Time for dessert. Went with Lauren’s favorite, Irresistible. And it really is all that the name implies. A heavenly slice of coconut cream pie with a dark chocolate crust. I especially liked the coconut shavings on top. Easily the best tasting dessert I’ve had so far this year.

Lunch on the patio

Lunch on the patio

Great first time experience. I will be back. Probably this week. Not kidding. I want to try everything. Dig the patio vibe. The food left me feeling energized. As I skated back to Venice, I contemplated the question of the day, “What are you manifesting today?” Your server will ask you once you’re seated. It changes daily and you’re under no obligation to answer.  In an age where everything is way too fast paced and we all pretend to be busy while preoccupied with things that don’t matter, such a simple approach was nice. Still working on my answer. Feeling a bit more freer.

Cafe Gratitude 512 Rose Avenue Venice, CA 90291 (424)231-8000

Cafe Gratitude
512 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA 90291


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