Naomi McKenzie Is Back


We love it when our girls exceed their own dreams. Recently we caught up with our very own Naomi McKenzie who we interviewed a year ago about her journey to becoming the next big thing in modeling. Since then she’s managed to get signed with Cliché Model Management, a new agency founded by Melissa Drummond who represents unique, diverse women with beauty. Naomi gave us the 411 on how things are going.naomimckenzie4444

Congrats to getting signed with an agency! The last time we spoke you were looking to get picked up.  You’re doing amazing things with your new modeling agency. How did that come about? How did you get signed? Thanks a lot. Yes. At that time I was in the middle of sending my portfolio to various agencies. But I noticed a casting call that required models to attend an audition type of casting day for a new modeling agency and got told to attend for a test shoot and from there I was a part of Cliche’ Model Management.
What have you learned since being signed with Cliche’?
I have learnt that you have to have patience, especially because it’s a new and upcoming agency. We are still trying to promote it as much as possible. There’s not many agencies that have such a diverse number of models on their books. So I believe Cliche’ will go on to great things in the future.
When we last spoke you mentioned that you were studying contemporary dance and ballet. Is that something you’re still doing? Unfortunately,  no. I studied dance for a year but wanted to continue studying my other subjects (Media , Spanish and Sociology).
How do you feel now that you have representation?
I’m very happy to be represented and excited to see what the future holds for me and my career in modeling.
Have you attempted to go out for any major campaign ads that you once desired?  So far I have worked with some great photographers.  I have done Black Beauty & Hair magazine, catwalk and fashion shows. Currently in contact with a few companies that I’m hoping to work with very soon.
Name three of your favorite models. This is a tough choice to choose just three. But I love Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman and Jasmine Sanders. Big fan of these ladies. They’re very inspiring.
Are you looking to move to the big screen? Any desires to act? In the future yes! I used to when I was around ten years old and continued for a few years. So yes I’d love to pick it back up and venture into acting.
We know how much your mother has been an inspiration to you. What do you think she’s saying to you right now? Yes, she was. And still is an inspiration to me. She was a very hardworking woman and I’m going to make sure that I will take up every opportunity I can. Not only for myself but for her too. I hope she is proud of the woman I have become today.
Naomi is represented by Cliché Model Management in the UK
Images provided by Cliché Model Management