Kick Your Kitchen Into Shape This Summer

Most of us set unrealistic goals for our lives. We want change. A new life. Yet we cling to our old one and all its bad habits like a rag doll caught in a rainstorm. This also applies to how and what we eat.

Real change takes place when you make a decision and stick to it. Simple. Ever heard the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym?” It’s true. Always having whole foods on hand will not only ensure your eating success but will help to create healthy eating habits that lead to an even healthier lifestyle.

Wanna meet your healthy eating goals without breaking a sweat? Well then get up from the couch, grab a few trash bags and follow me into the kitchen.

1. Get rid of the junk. Chips, including the baked ones. It’s all slick advertising. Don’t be fooled. Soda, including the natural ones. There’s no such thing. Have you ever seen a soda tree? What about diet? It has the word ‘die’ in it. Enough said. Cakes, cookies and ice cream hit the road jack.  But it’s summer. Wanna see winter? Dump ’em.

Don't be fooled

2. Freezer burn. Still got bags of frozen meats, vegetables and tater tots that have since turned into one big icy mass in your freezer?  Get rid of it. If it hasn’t been eaten by now it won’t be eaten later.


3. Kill the condiments. Just how old is that jar of salsa that keeps getting pushed to the back of the fridge whenever you buy something new? Same goes for the ketchup, mustard, mayo along with those endless bottles of salad dressings that are doing nothing more than just taking up space.

(3) Easy Ways To Keep Your Eating On Track

1. Keep water on hand and drink plenty of it. Sometimes we eat when really we’re just thirsty.  Throw a few lemons and cucumbers in a pitcher or glass to keep it refreshing.


2. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Choose ones that you know you will eat. Don’t be afraid to toss some mangoes or a bunch of kale into your basket the next time you’re at the store.  Baked kale chips anyone?

3. Pick easy recipes to try out. Now that you’ve cleaned out the fridge and cabinets and gone shopping for lighter fare, why not look for basic recipes that include all or most of those food items? Too often when we get on a kick to “eat right” or “lose weight” we wanna try all these “proven” recipes. What usually happens is that those same ingredients sit in your kitchen for weeks because you didn’t bother to read the cooking instructions that now appear all too overwhelming.

Now that your kitchen has been slimmed down get in there and whip up a new recipe. You’ve already taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.