When In Vegas: Your Go-To Summer Hair

Before taking a mini vacation to Vegas I found myself overthinking how to wear my hair and what to pack. Of course when you think of Vegas you tend to think of sexy clothes, sassy long hair and cute flirty dresses. After much contemplation, hair being the most important, I decided to keep it simple— and stick to the basics.  A ponytail.

I kept my gear light. Packing only two bathing suits, a couple of maxi dresses, comfortable cute shoes (for walking) and an extra pair of heels. Glad I followed my instincts because as soon as I stepped off the plane my skin was immediately pierced by the dry heat that was well over 100°.

After getting back home, feeling relieved by the cool breezy 67° weather, I was inspired to write about chic simple summer hair styles that you can do without feeling stressed.  Also, what reliable great products to pack when traveling to Vegas. Or any hot destination.

Here are a few of my professional suggestions that are quick and easy to style.

Hair: Try clip-on/drawstring ponytails. They come in many different textures, lengths and colors.  They’re easy to put on and can be switched up anytime for the pool, walking the strip, lounging in the casino, clubs or dining.vegas4444444444



  • easy to style
  • your hair doesn’t need any curling irons
  • able to shampoo your own hair
  • blow dryers are provided by hotel (in case you need it) 
  • you can use/bring additional ponytails (optional)
  • all you need is a brush, rubber bands, and few hair pins and hair moisturizier creme


This is a MUST! Get your hair protected!

It’s imperative to protect your hair when dealing with hot dry weather. These products will help to shield your hair from damage, prolong color, and nourish your hair.

sun damage

  • Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment. Nourishes and protects hair against UV damage.
  • Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray. Hydrating and UV shield protecting.
  • Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. A water-resistant UV-defense spray.