Lucy Liu Keeps It 100 With Wendy Williams: Kim Kardashian Who?

The intelligent and always beautiful Lucy Liu was interviewed by talk show host Wendy Williams on the Wendy Williams show Tuesday. Ms. Liu talked about how she got discovered, her new show Elementary and admitted she was not that big into the internet and social media. However she did explain that someone stole her identity to set up false accounts in the social world followed by tweeting, and facebooking. In order to keep her identity safe and from being floated around she set up a page just to block people from stealing it.

The one juicy thing that was a total shock to everyone —was that she didn’t know who Kim Kardashian was until about a year ago! How amazing is that? Lucy Liu kept it completely 100 with Wendy and this is how it went down.


Wendy Williams: Is it true also that you just found out who Kim Kardashian is?

Lucy Liu: I—am a little under— (lol)

Wendy: I love this!

LL: (lol)… I didn’t know who she was  ya’ know—until like maybe a year ago.

Wendy: (gasp)

LL: Is that bad?

Wendy: NO—I mean that’s greeeeat!

LL: I haven’t read like tabloids, or any of that stuff for like 10 or 13 years.

Wendy: You don’t have to read a tabloid.  They’re everywhere.

LL: Well, I saw this image and I was like —who is this person? And then my friend said, You don’t know who she is?” And he told me and I said, what does she do?  He said, “Nothing.” And I didn’t understand that. No no no — I mean its great. She’s obviously doing…ya’ know…making tons of money. She’s very famous.

Wendy: (cuts in) She’s pregnant with Kanye’s baby.

LL:  Okay. Good. Thank you. Thanks for the update.(audience laughs) But for me ya’ know…Like I don’t understand ya’know. To do nothing and to be popular seems like a strange career.  But I think it’s great, ya’ know–whatever. Whatever works for you.

Lucy Liu is from Queens, NY and was discovered on the subway at 19. Her parents are immigrants from China that worked really hard. From her mom having a successful career as a biochemist to working retail in stores. They took advantage of being in America while providing the best for their family.

It’s apparent why she’s confused. Not fully understanding how someone can make tons of money from doing NOTHING! Wouldn’t it be amazing to make money from doing just that? NOTHING.

Her television show, Elementary,  just got picked up for a second season by CBS. The first episode will be filmed in London.

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