Soy Over the Veggie Grill

I use to love eating at The Veggie Grill. My fave location was the one in El Segundo. “I left my wallet in El Segundo…” Sorry, couldn’t help it. When I heard they were opening one near The Grove I flipped with joy. Finally I could have a burger without someone having a cow. And chicken fingers too. Has anyone actually ever seen a chicken finger? And if so would they still eat it? Pondering.

VG Cheeseburger
VG Cheeseburger

My absolute fave dishes are the Uptown Nachos with carne asada added sans sour cream and The All Hail Kale with blackened chicken. Yum! The Sweetheart Fries, VG’s take on sweet potato fries, are just okay. They tend to get cold as soon as your entree arrives and are nothing to whoop about in terms of flavor.

All Hail Kale Salad
All Hail Kale

The Chocolate Pudding Parfait is damn good. And the Mac-n-Cheese is a tease. A very creamy one. I’ve tried all but a few items on the menu. Seems they’re always adding something new. Hard to keep up.

Chocolate Pudding Parfait
Chocolate Pudding Parfait

Which is why it pains me to say I can no longer keep up. At least my stomach can’t. Although VG’s menu is meat and dairy free, it’s laden with soy and heavily processed food alternatives. Can’t handle the bloat along with other symptoms that I’ll leave you to wonder about.

On the upside they do offer a soy and wheat free menu Not a lot of variety there but still worth a shot if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.

I won’t begin a whine fest on how they should offer a few raw vegan options because they shouldn’t. One of the many reasons for my eating here in the first place was that they made eating healthy fun. There were no speeches or pretension. Just good ol’ fashion comfort food draped  in all its vegan glory.

I may pop in on occasion for a side order of Steamed Kale or order a salad without the chicken. It will be hard. Oh how I’m going to miss chomping down on a VG Cheeseburger El Dorado style.