Spotted Ink

Let’s face it, there are some cats that rock ink better than most. While others attempts at being hip, cool and trendy are wildly exaggerated by using their skin as an overly painted stretched piece of canvas. Art is art. Cool is cool. You can’t buy one. Or convince folk that you possess the other. Vibe on minimalist. I dig when folk turn the volume way down. That’s when I usually hear them the most. Adding my usual three cents. Pinch yo’ pennies and wish upon a star. How much is too much? You decide. I’m gon’.

Rock royalty

Agonizing beauty


Simply Becks

Ball out

Nobody beats the Wiz

Nobody beats the Wiz

Face off

Around the way

Around the way

The Onliest

The Onliest

Freak 'em

Freak ’em

Shoulder lean

Shoulder lean

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