Special Father’s Day Creative Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Have you decided on what you’re gonna give your beloved one? If not we have a list of creative suggestions for that special father in your life.

father's day

1. A gift of hair cuts or barbering for a whole month from his or her barber.

2. Let your beloved one take a break from doing outdoor work! Hire a gardener to do the yard work while he sleeps in.

3. Make a special breakfast with all the things he loves when he wakes up.

4. Let him have the remote control for the day to watch whatever he wants. It’s his day. Why not?

4. Give him a cable upgrade of extra channels.

5. Be his chauffeur for the day.

6. Buy a dozen balloons with different expressions of how you feel about him. Along with a dozen flowers.

7. Buy (5) different cards to express the many different ways why you admire and care about him for being a terrific father.

8. Get all his children together to make a video to remind him how special he is. This way he will never forget those words and that moment can always be replayed.

9. Take him to a car lot to test drive a car he always wanted or rent one that he can drive for one day.

10. Have a picnic outdoors, in the backyard, or at the beach.

11. Have a Father’s Day cookout with friends and family. Let the women prepare all the meals.