Fashion’s Gender Flipping Saga

Lately there has been a trade off with women wearing men’s clothing and men wearing women’s clothing. If you haven’t noticed take a look at the runway fashion shows, and some of music’s icons. Behind the layers of fashion it can be a bit ambiguous. Skirts are being worn by Kanye West, Will-i-am, and P-Diddy along with several others who might step out wearing what someone else would consider a woman’s dress code.

This trend has been going on for quite some time. Taking you back during the early rock n’ roll era singers like Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, Prince, Rick James, and Boy George wore skin tight leggings, long bouncy hair, smeared eyeliner, and even heels. Singing to their own tune.  Grace Jones and Sinead O’Connor and Annie Lennox also represented who they were at the time by wearing ties, bald heads, and tailored men suits.  As you see … this was just the beginning of a new era.

It’s no secret that your average woman can pull off any masculine gear and work it exceptionally well adding a touch of femininity.  Now the guys are participating in the role reversals too. One place that has created this phenomenon can be found inside the modeling industry. A place that has reshaped the world of fashion using androgynous women and men who are able to pull off such a strong or soft rugged look.   Omahyra Mota is one popular model (and we have discussed her style before) that is known for her exotic, gritty, sexy, tomboy street swag who can easily gender flip.  In the men’s department of modeling you have beautiful boys being introduced like Dorian Cobb.

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Our top fashion designers are cutting up fabrics into their collections to showcase a unisex style on the runway. Tube tops and skirts for men and tailored double breasted suits, baggy jeans and fitted tuxedos for women. In 2010, Riccardo Tisci cast his male-to-female transgendered friend Lea T. to walk the high end couture collection and advertisements of Givenchy women’s collection. It was a daring move but he did it to support his friend and launch her career. “When you have a voice, you have to present people as they are'”, as quoted by Tisci.

lea t.

Another gender bender is Casey Legler, a 36-year old female artist and former Olympic swimmer, who is the first to be signed to Ford Models Men’s division. Quoted in Vogue saying,  “I happen to be a woman—sheer luck of the biological roulette—who has the great privilege to engage the ways in which gender signifiers can be liberated.”


Amber Rose is one who has also brought androgyny back and still looks sexy while doing so.


This trend is now becoming the norm. Back in 2009-2010 H&M stores decided to add skirts to their men’s collections (thanks to Marc Jacobs and his style) but eventually backed out. Everywhere you go you are bound to see someone gender flipping. Whether it’s on your reality shows, runways, in high-end stores, or at makeup counters, wherever you go you are liable to come in contact with someone that will have you questioning, is this a new trend where labels don’t matter anymore or is it just another fad?


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Inspiration: Vogue