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Kerry Washington Spills Her Beauty Secrets

Kerry Washington lets you know what it takes to be simply gorgeous from the inside out.


“My three best beauty tips are to get enough rest, to drink enough water (staying hydrated makes the whole difference for me) and that beauty starts from within. When my nutrition is where it needs to be, that shows in my skin, my hair, my eyes and my physique.

Kerry+Washington+Dresses+Skirts+Corset+Dress+tBoWy8lEo7Sx“I like to try different things. If I feel good about what I see in the mirror, who cares if what I’m wearing is a ‘Don’t or a Do’?”

emmy-2011-makeup-kerry-washington“I work with a few different stylist for my look. There are so many elements…what blouse you wear, what jewels match, what the hair and makeup are going to be. It really does take a village. I view being on the red carpet and photo shoots as playing a character.”

Source: Sophisticate’s Black Hair

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