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Social Networking: While I’ll Never Be Popular, I’ll Stay Sane

There’s a bell ringing in the distance and drool on the desk.  Am I back in high school? Nope. Just sitting in my living room. Television on mute. Movie’s playing that I’ve seen more than once or twice. One that I actually still enjoy. As long as I don’t have to hear it. My phone that never rings sits to my left. Silent. Receiving an occasional text message on a daily keeps me from taking the “big leap”. Or falling out of my chair. Fully awake now. I could use some tea. As I contemplate green or cucumber white I wonder, “Could I be anti-social?”

Anybody seen my water?

Anybody seen my water?

Not in the sense of suffering from a personality disorder. More in the sense of not being Pinterested, Tweetable, Facebooked or Instagrammed. No one’s ever said to me in passing, “I’ll Tumblr for ya’.” I know. That was bad. But a girl can scream…dream. Okay, scream.  I have a Facebook  and Twitter account. I sent out  my last tweet almost a month ago. I got one new follower.  Bumping me up to 37. My how attention spans have improved.

In this age of technolife I find myself slipping away from more conversations about how I should be here, there and everywhere. I even had someone say to me, “Are you on Instagram? Do you tweet a lot?” No and hardly. “Then you can’t help me.” I wasn’t sure what to think at the moment. Then I realized that well, this is high school all over again. Except that I’m stuck in first period for the duration. Of what I have no idea. But there’s gotta be more classes. And better people.

A four letter word for unpopular

A four letter word for unpopular

Not hating. Just stating. Instead of running through the halls, throwing up the food you just ate at lunch or pining over that one person who’s been ignoring you since eighth grade, life’s daily regurgitation is now recorded online for all the world to see millisecond by millisecond.  Ewwww…Pounding my head, “Visual get out”.

Are we all so desperate to be liked, loved and popular that we’d do just about anything to get it? Who cares if all your attention grabbing leads to more strangers that you’ll never meet but rely heavily on for validation as long as it guarantees a re-tweet  Talk about psycho bandwagon. All aboard.

Enough already

Enough already

This is where I get off. I can’t keep up. Nor do I have any interest in doing so. I will run my Facebook account into the ground until time to depart. I will take my five likes every other post along with the occasional comment. Yes, I love to post pictures of quinoa and avocado. I will accept the fact that my life may be mildly boring to most but interesting to me. I do check my news feed every hour to see if anyone cares. They don’t. A girl can scream…dream. Okay, scream.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing, swimming and scouring the internet for that all important Veggie Fried Rice recipe. Wonder how that would taste if I substituted the rice for quinoa? See, exciting. Doesn’t matter. It’s my life and I’ll stay sane if I want to!

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