Zoe Saldana Puts A Spell On You For C Magazine

The lovely Zoe Saldana has it all. Looks, brains and talent. In her latest interview for C magazine she spills some interesting things about her everyday life and challenges she’s faced, her A list success and the highly controversial role playing Nina Simone.

She has released herself from the hibernation of not speaking about it to now letting you know how she really feels about what critics have to say about the legendary role she has decided to play.

On the role of Nina Simone. “When I signed up for it, I had a feeling there was gonna be a little controversy. I’m not unaware of the world we live in, especially American culture.” 

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“It did hurt a little, but at the end of the day, I wanted her story to be told. She wanted to be a classical pianist at the time when it was very hard for black women. I did it out of love.”

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“If Elizabeth Taylor could play Cleopatra, If Diana Ross could play Billie Holiday, If Denzel Washington can play Malcolm and Meryl Streep can play the Iron Lady…the only thing I ask is to be given a chance to play Nina Simone.”

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“And if at the end, you watch the movie and don’t like it, then OK, but at least you saw it.”

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On being a mother. “I really want kids in my life, but I want them to come when it’s time for me.”

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