Who’s Really The Bad Girl?

I can’t even lie. I was in love with this ratchettness from the beginning. Especially the first three seasons of The Bad Girls Club. After that I took a break. Just recently, after a lot of channel surfing, I landed on the Oxygen channel and starting watching the new season in Atlanta. So far I’ve been hooked. Tuning in every Tuesday at 8pm. As of right now I’m team Rocky. Don’t let the pretty face fool you. So far this chick has been living up to her name.

I have been sizing these girls up since the first episode and came up with my own conclusions about each character’s style and attitude. So here’s the run down of this “so called” Bad Girl crew:

tumblr_mbk4i5P86t1rgtxt2o1_1280 Rocky: Straight outta Cali from a small town with a population of no more than 1,000 this tall blonde has managed to hold her own. She’s been tried, stepped on, slapped, dissed, had drinks thrown on her, and jumped. Everyone seems to have Rocky on the brain because almost every conversation in the house is about her. Strong, independent, fly, sexy while checkin’ people. In every situation, Rocky has been so chill. She’s so smooth with it the other girls can’t handle it. Rocky’s heart don’t pump no Kool-Aid.

Shannon-bgc-1Shannon: Rocky’s pet. Mentally weak. Physically strong. Finally got some balls to speak up. Sneaky. Shady. Know she lying about her age.

75198_10151371080614630_1159488049_nValentina: This rah rah Nigerian chick is ANA. Always Needs Attention. A liar. Two-faced. Feenin’ for Rocky. Frustrated sexually. Says she’s bisexual but seems strictly into women. Comes across manly. Wants everyone to be her bish. Wants to sex every girl in the house. But no one is thinking about her. This chick is thirsty. So she has to make herself relevant in some kinda way.

Paula-bgcPaula: Has no fear. Has been working on her emotions. Instead of being quick to pop off. Listens and still gives her opinion. She seems like she’s really trying to better herself and stays in her lane.

Alicia-Samaan-Bad-Girls-Club-AtlanatAlicia. Valentina’s BFF. Sometimes her puppet. Can be empathetic at times. Then straight mean girl the next. Always apologizing. Why? Has a great relationship with her family. Knows who she is. I guess. She doesn’t show much.

d70e9ee86a70305683b1921daf2887f8Stephanie. Can’t really seem to place Stephanie just yet. I know she’s dealing with her sexuality and is in love with Andre. Stephanie is just a real chill girl. No hate. No jealously. Confident in her skin. Very beautiful.

greasedupNancy. Don’t knock her hustle, she gets it in whenever and however. A beautiful girl from the streets. Not afraid to say what she feels. So far… she’s been really real.

__3851199Jennifer. Jealous of the beautiful ones. A replacement chick who tried to run the house but got beat down my Rocky.