DIY Curls Made Easy Without A Curling Iron

meI wanted to share some quick simple hair styles that don’t require much for you to do. Without the use of a curling iron! Here are 3 easy do-it-yourself curly hair styles for spring and summer. Chic, sexy and effortless looks that can be achieved on long hair and weave/extensions.

beach babeStep 1: Start with wet/damp hair. Towel dry and spritz a product containing sea salt like Bumble and Bumble surf spray. If you’re near the beach ocean water can be used too.

Step 2: Section hair into four to six sections for big plaits or you can create corn rows braided back away from the face into four or six rows as well (depending on how thick your hair is you can do more sections/rows). The more sections/rows you have the more waves. The tighter the braid the more texture you will have.

Step 3:Let hair dry over night or during the day. Unravel braids with fingers and use fingers to style.

Product Recommendations: Bumble and Bumble Spray


ocean waveStep 1: Create a top knot. You want hair to be slightly damp or almost dry for this look. Saturate the entire head with a detangle leave in conditioner and apply a moose volumizing  foam like Clairol’s

Step 2: Spray a dry holding spray to hold in place at the base of the scalp to create height and volume.

Step 3. After you have worn your top knot for the day unwrap your bun, shake hair, and let fall into place.

Products Recommendations: Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volume Styling Whip



Step 1: Have hair slightly damp almost dry. Apply a setting moose foam with volumizing lift. Starting at the top/crown of head as close to the scalp as possible take a 2 inch piece of hair and wrap the hair around your finger. As if you’re doing a pin curl.

Step 2. Apply bobby pins or clips to secure the wrap you just did around your finger. Repeat step 1 and 2 until the entire head is done.

Step 3. Once the hair is set apply a dry holding spray all over. Once hair is completely dry take pins out. For a crispy curly look use fingers to style. For a softer look brush the curls out with a wide paddle brush or comb out with wide tooth comb.

Products recommendations: Rusk Argan Oil Spray (My favorite!).  Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.


Quick tip: To speed up the process you can use a blow dryer.