Real Husbands of Hollywood: Still Waitin’ For the Funny


Alright…Alright…Alright! Let’s talk RHOH. I shall only speak of it in an acronymic sense because Kevin Hart’s new show is SNF. And nobody seems to have told him. ZZZ

Where to start? How about at the beginning? We first caught a glimpse of the original skits that aired during the 2011 BET Awards. We loved it! ICYMI, it was hilarious. And yes I was LMAO.

Bobby Brown was being his usual incoherent self muttering about fish and knocking out former teen idol Scott Baio back in the day. Kevin clowned Nelly about his fruity form-fitting apparel and possible steroid use while Nick Cannon reacted to anyone who contested he and Mariah’s love, specifically speaking to the tattoo of his wife’s name that adorned Hart’s back.

The blend was great. A comedic smoothie with all the right flavors added . We’d all gotten a taste and wanted more. One gigantic straw please. Fast forward one television season later. Lo’ and behold BET presents real husbands who are a lil’ bit Hollywood and a whole lotta cool.  Screeching brakes. Cut! And scene. WTF

What we saw a year ago and what was actually delivered were two totally different things. The original skits had a round table vibe which made the “man talk” intimate and personal. Making it possible for all types of setups and zingers to be thrown back and forth.  Can’t really run from a cat who’s reminding you of your “still” unheated beef with Eminem if he’s sitting right next to you, now can you?

The problem with the new show is that it’s a sitcom littered with famous cameos and weak story lines. Not to mention watching Hart’s attempts at being funny when clearly he’s already proven that is just painful. JS

I’ve watched every episode since it’s January debut. Some even twice. I wanted it to be funny so bad that I found myself laughing in all the wrong places. During the commercials.

Don’t get me wrong it definitely has its moments. Like whenever Robin Thicke steals a scene. Or Robin Thicke’s hair steals a scene. Or when Kevin takes his pint-size approach to damn near every single situation.  And that’s about it. The rest of the cast  looks like they’re LWOY  while waiting to say their lines.  If you want us to keep watching you gotta change a few things.

Nick, please wild out. Talk about Mariah and dem babies or how many jobs you really have. Replace Duane with his wife Tisha Campbell. Wait, but that would make it a totally different show. Yes. A funny one. Boris, it’s never too late to break into modeling. JB, yell less. No seriously, whisper my dude. Nelly, umm yeah. Kev, do you without trying to do you. And can somebody please find Bobby Brown? BFN