Lip Exfoliation

Lately I’ve been having problems with my lips being extremely dry here in LA. So I decided I should try to exfoliate my lips to resolve this situation. I stumbled upon this sugar lip scrub in Sephora’s called Fresh Sugar Lip Polish made in London and decided to give it a try. So far so good…


I have been exfoliating twice a day (once in the morning and evening). My lips are starting to react in a great way that I’m almost pleased with. By the way, it’s been two weeks since starting this process. During that time I did not wear any lipstick or lip liners. Only a lip balm (Carmex) or a gloss with shea butter to help with moisturizing.


The one thing I have really noticed is the extra softness and silkiness on my lips like a baby’s butt that I love! FYI I was not excited to pay $25.00 for this product but so far it’s been worth every dime.