Chris Brown Ex: Karrueche Is Ready To Kill

karrueche-tran-by-cliff-watts-for-vibe “I feel like, more than anything, girls can relate to me, regardless of if what they have to say is negative or not,” she explains. “Because the situation is so messy.”


“It’s honestly weird, because I was brought into this whole ‘being known’ thing. I was never looking for fame. Seeing myself on blogs sometimes, it’s like, ‘Chris isn’t with me. Why are you following me?”


“When people first think of the name, they think violence, guns, blood and being very aggressive, but it’s not,” she says, citing La Roux’s hit “In For the Kill” as inspiration.


“Our clothes are all black and white. I don’t know any other line that’s doing that,” she notes.


Source: Vibe