7 Steps to Better Sleep

If you want better sleep you’ve got to put that busy mind of yours to bed a few hours earlier than the rest of your body.  I’ve learned that by improving my nightly routine my sleep improved. Old habits are hard to break. So give yourself time to adjust. Here are a few tips to avoid insomnia, late night indigestion or dreaming about large plates of dancing food.

Don’t drink alcoholGrab a cup of kava or any other caffeine free tea instead.

Try vanilla almond milk in your tea

Don’t eat anything heavy. Snag some hummus and crackers or a slice of peanut butter toast.

Shower or bathe at night. You’ll feel refreshed. Leaving you with one less thing to do in the morning.

A soothing way to end the day
A soothing way to end your day

Shut it off. Turn off the t.v.,computer and all other electronic devices. Read a book or write in your journal.

Pick it up. Clothes, toys or anything strewn about your house or apartment. Clutter is an energy killer.

Get the kids to help
Get the kids to help

Change your sheets or bedding  regularly. The smell of fresh linen always does the trick.

Read a book or write in a journal. Slip into the pages of someone else’s mind or pen your own thoughts. Very therapeutic.

Grab a good book
Grab a good book before getting some shut eye