106 & Park New Crew

The new 106? Okay, it’s refreshing to see the new faces on 106 & park. And the new set and graphic layout helps reintroduce the hottest live countdown. But I still miss Free and AJ.

Remember? They actually had us running home to catch every video and guest interview. It also gave us a chance to see what Free was wearing. Known for her fly footwear we crowned her the Boot Queen!

I’m not sure how I feel about the new crew just yet. The show can become quite cluttered at times with everybody talking at once.Not leaving any room for the viewer to really breathe, see or hear the interviews which are usually all over the place.

This leaves me to believe that the hosts are not really doing their research because of the way they deliver questions to the guest. Some of the questions can be really silly and off topic. Could it be our new hosts are too young to understand the importance of always being prepared? Maybe it’s because they haven’t done much and can’t relate.

But I will say this: Paigion is beautiful, her voice reminds me of Free, her style is sexy, and her hair and makeup is on point.

Miss Mykie is a cute girl but annoying. Her movements are way too much, her style is way too busy and she comes off corny. Glad she traded in her over-the-top mohawk for something more simple and soft.

Bow Wow, Mr. 106&Park himself, knows his music and keeps us entertained with his charisma and breakout smile. Could it be because he’s been in the game for more than a minute and actually has something to talk about? Yes!

And Shorty? Hmmmm…Not much to say about this kid besides the fact that he seems to smile the whole time during taping. Guess he’s just happy to be on 106 &Park due to his short career in music.

I mean do we really need that many hosts for an hour long show?! I think the show would do just fine with two. Paigion and Bow Wow!

Paigion. Beautiful. Sexy. Intelligent.


Miss Mykie. Cute. Over styled. Animated.


Bow Wow. Mr. 106 &Park. Funny. Amusing. Entertaining.


Shorty. All smiles.