Eco-Friendly Vegan Beauty Products

Some people are cautious about using chemicals when it comes to their face and hair therefore seeking a more organic lifestyle approach to their daily beauty regimen.
I have selected a few of the latest vegan hair,makeup and skin care along with other beauty products that are free of all the harsh chemicals and animal testing. organic Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty Solution. All vegan. Certified organic. Packed with antioxidants. The number one seller is the Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser DermOrganic.The product consists of amino acids and essential lipids that plant based derived cleansers , argan oil.  My number one seller is the Leave-In Treatment and Shampoo. It is all vegan. It doesn’t strip the hair and is safe for colored treated hair. Kinky Curly. Natural and organic products only. Pureology. A sister company of Redken. 100% vegan. Great for all hair types. Caca Rouge.  No animal testing. Fresh handmade products. This is a henna product required for red heads seeking vibrancy in their hair. The product is organic with special ingredients of cocoa butter, added herbs, and essential oils.  *I have not used this product NEVO by Pravana. This hair care line is 100% biodegradable, vegan, sulfate free, gluten free and paraben free. No harsh chemicals! cn_image.size.nevopravana_opener

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water. A mineral makeup remover made with botanical extracts. Made with mineral-rich hot spring water, it is infused with six essential herbs to protect and nurture skin.


TGIN.  Thank God It’s Natural Butter Cream Moisturizer.  This will replenish moisture in the hair and hydration to help lock in moisture. The product is sulfate free with no artificial colors,  parabens, petroleum, lanolin, and no animal testing. Not only does this company have products for hair they also have organic body items and scrubs. Everyday Minerals- Brow Defining Kit. Great for defining brows. All the items are:  vegan, eco-friendly, gluten free, and cruelty-free. AcquarellaWater Based Nail Polish. This water base polish is all vegan and odorless. It’s eco-friendly, non flammable, and free of petrochemical solvents. Mario Basdescu. Best skin product all around. No animal testing, a solution for every skin type. mariobadescu1-1