Keratin Treatment: Straight To The Point

Keratin Treatment is a smoothing treatment that will smooth the hair tresses and reduce up to 90% of frizz from the hair without permanently damaging or altering the state of your hair structure.

It is applied as a coating that is emulsified and sealed into the hair shaft by using 450 degrees of heat. The treatment will last up to 3 to 4 months. This is a great option for those with extremely curly hair, wavy hair and those seeking an alternative route from relaxed hair to more healthy hair.

Before and After with Courtney Locs.



“I love the look and feel of my hair. The texture is much smoother.” -Courtney Locs


“It makes day to day maintenance much easier. I can easily style my hair.” -Courtney Locs


“My hair is all around healthier.” -Courtney Locs


“I get so many compliments!” -Courtney Locs


Products recommended:  Sulfate Free products are recommend for longevity of treatment.


Hair: Tara Copeland   Model: Courtney Locs