Naomi Campbell “The REAL Diva”

Naomi Campbell is catching more heat these days and there’s a reason why. She is the face, a diva, a model icon and a savvy business woman. Naomi is currently featured in Elle’s Magazine February issue along with an interview given by Mickey Rapkin.  See how she really feels about Tyra Banks…

“I’m never gonna get away from it. It’s part of my history. I was remorseful and regretful. I’ve served. I did that time. And I never want to be in that position again.”


“I’ve modeled at a certain level, and I don’t want to go below that,”


“The public will see the Naomi that her friends know. That doesn’t come across in a picture, but it does come across on television.”


“Time is of the essence. If someone hands you a gift, they want you to take a photo with it. If you don’t like it, smile. Say ‘It was so thoughtful for you to come all this way to give me this gift.’ ”

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“I don’t watch the other reality model shows. I’ll never have anything to say. If you ask me about Tyra Banks”—for the record, I hadn’t—“I’m proud of her as a woman of color. She’s given girls opportunity, and God bless her.”

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Source Elle US Magazine. 

Excerpts from The Face Interview By Mickey Rapkin for Elle Magazine February issue.