The Truth About P!Nk. Right In Your FACE.

Alecia Beth Moore better known as Pink is stirring it up as usual. Always true to herself and it shows. Back on the scene after having a baby, releasing her sixth album and snatching up a CoverGirl campaign. Can we say she rocks?! Because she certainly does.

Here’s the beautiful truth about Pink that makes her an O.G. Organic Gangsta. Original Girl. Whatever you call her it’s all real. Just like her. This is why she ROCKS!


1. HAIR PIONEER Before all the crazy color rainbow combinations, short buzzed hair took off she was already doing it. Plus her name is PINK! How could she not represent? Who needs Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus to show off when we’ve already seen it done?

“I’m constantly changing my hair—it’s been blue, it’s been tie-dyed, and I’ve even worn it in long micro braids.”

2. FACE OFF “Joining a group of women who have always inspired me —to laugh out loud, let my guard down, or play around with my beauty, look is such an honor.” Who would ever think Pink would have a CoverGirl campaign? Hey she let you know when she was singing, “Stupid girls you try so damn hard to fit in”. Yeah…She got the last laugh. And she’s not even trying.

3. Standing ‘O’. Since coming on the scene in 2000 she has been a three-time Grammy winner. Was named the number one pop act in the decade for 2009. And has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. This all after she told L.A. Reid she was changing up her style. And she did.

4. COVER GIRL. Today Pink walks in the footsteps of beautiful iconic women like Tyra Banks, Sofia Vergara, but with a little more edge. She’s definitely in her own lane and letting others know you can be you and still win.

“Being a new mamma, I think it’s even more important to be a good example, to show it’s okay not to be afraid to wave your individuality and wave that freak flag. And I’m happy to do that with CoverGirl”.


Pinks Quotes from Sophisticate’s Hair.