Second Time Around:I’m In Holiday Hell

It’s been a groovy minute since I put the spin on my last record. I’m still swimming. Not as often as the previous months thanks to overtime and holiday hours. Yes, I will admit I am currently trapped in a retail rat race for which there is no cheese. Still eating at least two clean meals a day. But the peppermint bark and never ending trail of Christmas cookies that seem to lurk around every corner at work beckons.

I'll just have one more
I’ll just have one more

Is there no end to the bounty of snacks and baked goods that coworkers continue to shove into their faces round the clock? Ummm I’m gonna say no. Working twelve hour shifts almost on a daily has too resulted in my cramming down a box of Zesty Salsa Wheat Thins unexpectedly. What’s the saying? If ya’ can’t eat ’em join ’em.

Tis' the season for overeating
Tis’ the season for overeating competing

That’s not the saying . But you get my frickin’ point. Everyone knows that the holidays are the antithesis to eating cleaner and working out regularly. Even if there are no events on your calendar it is the daily drudge that can threaten to undo all of your hard work. That is how I’ve been feeling lately.

Working long hours and the availability of overly processed food that is ready in minutes has been my cross to bear. Ding! That is the sound of yet another microwave going off somewhere with the promise of satiation, salt and the all important bloat. If you too have been feeling this way, it’s not too late to make a few changes to get yourself back on track.

1. Don’t be a stickler about your workout time. Morning, evening or night it doesn’t matter. Just get it in. You can worry about your preference for routine when all of the holiday hoopla dies down.

2. Don’t leave the house or start your day without breakfast. I’m not talking about packing on a Grand Slam. Grab a couple of pieces of fruit, toss a pack of instant oatmeal into your lunch bag to make once you get to work. If time permits make a smoothie or a fresh juice to take on your commute. There are so many healthy options to kickstart your day and metabolism. Skipping breakfast is not one of them.

3. Just say no! As a matter of fact say “Hell no”! When you see the coffee cart rolling by or the usual suspects gathering in a small huddle to make their daily trek to Coffee Bean, “Run Forrest, run”. Or better yet hide under your desk until the smell of hot cinnamon rolls passes. Avoid the urge to eat every time you see someone else munching.

In spite of mindless eating at times or not pushing myself hard enough during my last workout, I’m proud to say that my weight is creeping down. Since August, the first installment of this series, I’ve lost a total of twenty pounds. I’m desperately trying not to become a victim of the scale by weighing myself everyday. Instead gauging my success by how my clothes fit or focusing on those areas that still hopelessly jiggle.

Focus is the key. I never want to weigh 198 lbs again. Nor do I want to live a life of starvation or deprivation. I want to eat and live a healthy vibe. I will continue on that path. Although never smooth, I will move forward