Guys Can Say The illest Things!

Have you ever experienced a foul text message from a terrific guy?.. Then had to reread that ish again? I’m sure you have!  We came across some ridiculous, crazy, funny text messages that guys have actually said to women gathered together by Glamour Magazine. Some even made us cringe!

Yes. These are real text messages!   Some are just too funny and some are just…silly. Ehem.  I hope this isn’t in your box.

1. I’m like an iPod shuffle, and I’m moving on to the next song, “I’m Riding Solo.”  

     Sent to a female in Wisconsin. She’d been dating the guy for only a year and a half.  

     She stated “He didn’t even own an iPod shuffle!”

2. You’d be nothing without your hair.

      Sent to a female in Miami. She dumped him soon after. 

3. Babe welcome to Dumpsville…..population YOU.

     Sent to a bachelor contestant this season by a boyfriend from before she went on the show

4. I don’t understand why you don’t like me… I’m really an attractive guy.

      Sent to a female in Nashville.  The female stated that “He was cute. But not an adult.”

5. How long do we have to go back and forth before I get inside you?

      Sent by a guy this female only met the night before. She deleted the text and him immediately! 

6. Don’t ever wear your glasses around me.

      Sent to a female in NY. She stated “I’m blind without them! But he thought they made me look unattractive. ‘Whatever.” 


7. I think we should stop dating. I got my ex pregnant, and I should figure this out before I start another relationship.

      Hummm no words here. Just Sad. 


8. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I met someone else.

      Damn!  .. Sent to a female in Orlando. She replied “You could have called. I deserve more than a text!” 

9. Your career has changed you… and you weren’t all that good to begin with.

       Sent to a female in Fort Lauderdale. she quoted “He wanted to watch mindless TV. I wanted a better life.”


10. I was hoping you would do the sex with me.  So I can practice.  I’d just like to get the fumbling out of the way.

        WOW!  Sent to a female in Chicago.  She’d met this guy on a dating site.  She quoted “He was getting married and concerned he wouldn’t be able to please  his wife-to-be.”

Last one who made the winners cut.  This text was sent from a guy in NY. The text went like this:

Him: Actually forget it.  Goin out with a model now

Her: ???

Him: As in, hotter than u. Ciao

Ouch. That one had to hurt! lol..

Source Glamour