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Bobbi Kristina Shares Her Intimate Diary Secrets

Bobbi Kristina was reached out by Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine for Dec 2012/Jan 2013 issue to get the inside scoop on a few things that touched her the most regarding fashion, beauty and hair. Read what secrets she revealed in this open response letter.

I’d describe my current style hairstyle as very long with drastic side bangs. It’s a dark chocolate jet black color with a bit of wave and body.  I may change it up, I many not—I’m a big ball of surprises;  I never know what I’m doing next.  I may do some red [color] soon and experiment. 
I love doing my own hair but Regina Jackson in Alpharetta, GA is my hairstylist. She gives me great styles. 
My personal “hair philosophy” When I was younger I had very curly hair and I didn’t want to deal with it and started wearing extensions and have ever since . I can do a lot of fun stuff with my hair with extensions. 
Our hair is special because it’s God’s given gift. Hair is a woman’s glory —like a lion with its mane.
My best hair care tips are:  do a deep conditioner after you shampoo, don’t ever “fry” your hair with a hot curler and don’t dye too much.  And always cut off split ends and take care of your natural hair.
My hair care must— haves are hair serums and gloss from Frédéric Fekkai, a flat iron and a brush.
When it comes to makeup, I must have eyeliner, concealer or, mascara and a mirror.
My beauty indulgence is perfume. I love Coach Perfume.
My latest favorite fashion items are my black high heels by Jimmy Choo and my red Dolce & Gabbana pumps. I got them from Neiman-Marcus. 
I define beauty not from the outside, but from the inside. Beauty is how you treat others and yourself. Beauty goes deeper than looks. 
I learned about beauty and style from the best in the business—my Mom and [the late celebrity artist] Roxanne Floyd (may they rest in peace). I learned everything how to blend makeup and how to look sexy.
What makes Black women truly beautiful? It’s their strength, drive, and courage to keep going even when they get knocked down.

Source Sophisticate’s Black Hair Care

3 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Shares Her Intimate Diary Secrets

  1. Kris I am a big fan, I share ur pain and ur joy.U are so bueatiful I see ur mom in u so much and ur daddy I loved him when I was a kid, but girl red is my color and I think u would look good with real red and black styled around ur cute face try it.I’m a venterous person with my hair to and people wait to see what I’m I’m going to do next go all out ur mom did,I don’t hv much money but I love playing with my hair, love u chic so much, keep it going :):):):)

  2. The only thing I can say is your Mom is your Mom and you are you. IF beauty is reflected inside out think about all of the things you’ve been exhibiting since your Mother’s demise and be honest with yourself, was that beauty from the inside out? While you’re surrounded by family and friends undoubtedly and fans…of your Mothers, you seem to be very angry and lashing out at the one person who guided your mother to unphanthomable success. Your wish to control everything about your Mother while denying others who were very much apart of your Mother’s life and love the ability to grieve and tell their story because it is “their” story, not “yours” is unforgiving. While my heart bleeds for your pain, I can’t support the unseemly behaviour that is developing. So in my mind what you profess you believe in that beauty on the inside is more important than beauty on the outside seems to be reflected anger and possibly guilt. Therefor lashing out at the one person, the one person you really should be latching onto. But to each his own. It is sad really and no-one seems to be setting you straight. I wish you healing and peace from your anger, guilt and loss. I hate what this is doing to your Grandmother while she is grieving. You aren’t the only one. She lost a daughter she birthed, raised and guided through this life.

  3. ITALIA58 Shut up you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, How has she acting since the demise of her mother’s death? Besides do you know how she should be acting? Has your mother passed? Yes she is protecting her mother who wouldn’t, You have no idea what this young lady is going through so don’t even talk as if you do, even if your mother has passed her story is different then yours, Everybody is trying to tell her how to act, what to do, what to think and what to say but she is her own woman so just “SHUT YOUR MOUTH.” You don’t have to support her behavior but I see you follow her and you shouldn’t if you can’t tolerate how she has been acting, Turn the page and the channel and turn off the light and who are you to try (quote) ” set her straight” (unquote) You have no idea the relationship between her and her grandmother. You don’t know why she is against the selling of her grandmothers book you just don’t know what you are talking about period. Your mother is not an Icon! Your mothers business hasn’t strewn all over the tabloids and over every magazine in america even abroad so don’t go talking about what you can’t support. Leave this poor lady alone and let her grieve the way she wants to grieve. This is her mother you are just a fan (of Ms Houston) we are fans of Ms. Whitney and Bobbi’s. Shut the (blank) up!

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